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Brian Milligan Associates undertake Thorough Examination and Test of local exhaust ventilation equipment (LEV) for the purposes of compliance with Regulation 9 of the COSHH Regulations. We assist employers to fulfil their statutory duty to ensure that LEV systems undergo a thorough examination and test at least every fourteen months.

If you have LEV systems in your workplace such as paint spray booths, welding hoods, exhaust slots on degreasing baths or larger multi-point systems, they must be tested regularly to ensure they are providing adequate control of hazardous substances and protecting employees.

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Typical test parameters:

  • Visual inspection for damage or corrosion
  • Check dampers for correct operation
  • Pressure drop across fan
  • Pressure drop across bag filters or other arrestment plant
  • Static pressure at exhaust hoods
  • Air flow rate through main system and branch ducts
  • Air flow rate at booth face or in front of exhaust hood
  • Visualisation of air flow characteristics at contamination source, containment interface or at operator position.

Information provided by a Thorough Examination and Test:

  • Is the system likely to provide adequate control & containment?
  • Does the system meet minimum standards of effective design and performance?
  • Has there been any change in performance since the previous test?
  • What action is necessary to achieve satisfactory performance?
  • What maintenance will be needed to prevent foreseeable loss of efficiency?

Our reports do not just say “pass” or “fail”. Your report will include a summary of the purpose and characteristics of the system, a schematic system diagram, a table of all readings and results, conclusions and recommendations for improved control where necessary.

Our LEV testing and reports are undertaken fully in compliance with HSE Guidance Note HSG 258.

For further information:

HSG 258: Controlling airborne contaminants at work

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